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Top Cliché Art Schools

1stUniversity for the Creative Arts, Maidstone Maidstone28
2ndWrittle College Writtle20
3rdNorwich University College of the Arts Norwich19
4thThames Valley University TVU16
5thUni. of Dundee Dundee15
6thNorthumbria University School of Design Northumbria13
7thUniversity for the Creative Arts, Rochester Rochester12
8thWinchester School of Art WSC12
9thEdinburgh College of Art ECA11
10thGray's School of Art RGU11

Top Clichés

1stHair/Moustache Body and facial hair really seem to appeal to art and design students.140
2ndHelvetica Bold Close but not touching. Or, even more trendy: make it even bolder and tighter! A 90s trend that just won't die.127
3rdInfographics Did you know? 98% of infographics are 100% pointless. See pie chart for details.122
4thHand Rendered No computer skills? Make some crayon drawings and call them “hand-rendered”. It sounds more fancy, plus bad drawings are trendy.114
5thPoor Typography The tutors don't know typography, so it presumably isn't important to use proper hyphens, dashes and quote marks.107
6thBulldog Clips The perfect mechanism for attaching bullshit to a wall.105
7thBullshit This work is setting up a dialogue. To be specific, it is talking crap.103
8thPoor technical execution Surely using a ruler and a sharp scalpel blade can't be that difficult. And why on earth is Pritt stick still so popular?102
9thFound Objects Other peoples waste turned into art. A cheap way of sourcing materials.101
10thPolaroids Far from dead, this photographic relic seems to live forever at art schools.101

Sorry, that’s it

There are no more degree shows this year. Check back next year for the 2012 Art School Cliché Spotting. Follow us on Twitter to hear about new awesome projects.

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